New Morning

I awakened to little feet thrown over me and all the covers tossed off. She is talking in her sleep and she sound so assured. She feels more like me then I feel myself. She reminds me of the little girl in me that has zip and delight in every new morning.

11 thoughts on “New Morning

      1. I’m actually trying to find reasons to keep my blog lol.. I’m very burnt out.

        I spend most of my time reading and commenting. And mostly talking too much.


      2. My hesitation has come as most of what I have to say revolves around my adopted children. I want to honor their privacy while sharing my truth and knowledge. I also lost my voice while unpacking grief.

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      3. Well, from what I’ve read, I find your blog pretty interesting. Some people are interested in celebrities and famous people’s stories. But I find the average people in the crowd the most interesting. True stories of survival and success.

        Not sure what you are trying to do with your writing but I haven’t found anything wrong with it. But I’m different and weird lol!


      4. Well, I don’t give advice, although I could. One person’s own discovery is more powerful then taking someone else’s advice.
        My only plan was to “live out load”
        My purpose was to become comfortable with people reading my thoughts. My mother and I have an outline for a novel, she has always encouraged my writing. Then she died. It set me back a bit. I have not continued with out her with the same focus. We had a great plan and now we don’t.

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      5. I certainly understand that! Healing takes time. Lots!

        Maybe you should start writing, little by little. It just seems to me that your mother would be honored if you carried on with the book. Because it seemed to be important to you both! I definitely encourage you.

        I’ve shared my testimony and my life. Only to those I thought could handle it. Some didn’t seem to mind and some seemed to not like it. Unfollowing even… as bad as that hurt, it just occurred to me that they weren’t in my “pack”. So far, out of over 200 followers maybe 5-7 are actually concerned enough to stick around…


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