Just Opening a Window is Not Enough

Three weeks ago my knee collapsed. Two days later I was in emergency surgery. The surgery went well, the recovery has not.

I don’t want to write about my grief, my physical pain or my children’s personal struggles, so I have been quiet.

I began sharing my thoughts to go deeper, walk together in an unconditional way that cause people to feel and think and live!

I awakened this morning yearning deeply to be outside. I threw open the window. It’s just not enough.

I have decided to feature some writings of other bloggers or likeminded thinkers.

Please throw open the windows of your heart and mind and let others in.

Today, I will go outside. I will embrace the wind and the weather.

What is it that you will do. Talk to me.

6 thoughts on “Just Opening a Window is Not Enough

  1. I feel for you. Nothing worse than fighting your own body to enjoy creation.

    Today I am editing Hutch. I am nearly done with it.

    I will take care of the two beautiful nonagenarians in my care. Irvin and Lois.

    I am downloading a one hour session of wind and rain and wind chimes. Beautiful to listen to.

    Sipping coffee.

    I shall visit my fiance. She’s amazing.

    Hope the pharmacy gets my prescription done before the weekend.

    Wash some dishes and sweep up a little. Remember the weekend is nearly upon me.

    Rain, storm, sunshine or snow, try to spend some time outside walking (or hobbling..). That’s advice to us both. Enjoy your day Monica!


    1. Thx for participating. Good Plan for the day.
      My medical assignment has been to stay down and keep my leg elevated with brief intervals of gentle therapeutic work. I have to stay away from people germs so fresh air is a must.

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  2. At the moment I am looking pinto beans so I can cook up a big mess of tacos for all the people who help us move tomorrow. I have packed my china cabinet this morning. I will continue to pack as my mom in love is here to help with the littles today. A bit of crazy going on here. I absolutely loved that you posted this morning and had to sit down to reply! Thank you for the opportunity for a break! I wish I could come porch sit with you this morning it’s a beautiful day. We have much to be thankful for! Love you my dear friend!

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  3. It is indeed humbling to realize you can struggle from your comfy chair to the kitchen, but you cannot bring back a cup of coffee. I remember that feeling each day and so I savor my good days when the dog walks are pain free. And is there anything more fulfilling than watching your dog love life? We can learn from them…

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